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Film and TV Series Content Development Service

Auli Mantila, Juha Lehtola and Erkki Astala

We believe in what is most valuable, inspiring and unique to the creators. We work together with the scriptwriter, director and producer, with jointly defined objectives.

What is it about the subject or story that initially inspires the authors? What are their respective imaginations and desires? If necessary we match a common direction to which everyone commits. A purposeful, expertly guided process will take the creative process both further and faster.

The Power of Dialogue

The right developer for the project is chosen in consultation with the client. Also another of our experts is always involved in the evaluation of the project; we believe in the power of dialogue in both evaluation and feedback.

The developer questions, comments and brainstorms content from the jointly defined core of the work. The work plan and timetable for the development phase is always defined in consultation with the client. The progress of the work is monitored and assisted as agreed.

During the work phase, the author can contact the developer at any time if he or she feels locked or stuck, and the way to unlock it will be found together.

Our services

Our services include e.g. reviews and development plans for a script version of a film or TV series, dramaturgical reading exercises, workshops for story/character/concept development, or for a writer's room kick-off or troubleshooting.

Our services are confidential and are always subject to a written contract with binding conditions of confidentiality.

Our services are open to all, so we do not limit contact.

Our services are professional, based not only on a total of 100 years of experience in the film industry, but also on an extensive knowledge of (film) culture and literature, and an up-to-date knowledge of the current situation in the film and TV industry.

We are:

Erkki Astala, former commissioner for films in Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, and head of production in the Finnish Film Foundation; Juha Lehtola, writer-director in film, tv and the stage, and teacher of dramaturgy; Auli Mantila, director-writer-producer in film, tv and radio, and novelist.


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